Sour Dough Recipe

Are you looking for the perfect sourdough bread recipe? There is a good reason why youíre seeking out one of the best loved breads in existence.

A lot of us enjoy our share of sourdough bread but do not know how it is made and how it originated. Sourdough bread, unlike yeast-based breads, produces a unique tangy taste which is actually because of the lactic acid produced by the lactobacilli in the starter. Traditionally, a sourdough starter was made from old dough which was saved from a previous batch. This is what they also call the mother dough. It is definitely not uncommon to have a starter dough that has originated from the 1800s. Some bakeries have a very long history in making sourdough bread that may span more than a hundred years and this is the reason why each bakery has its own distinct version.

Bread lovers all over the world love that unbeatable chewy feel and tangy taste of the resulting outcome of the best loved sourdough bread recipe. A lot of its followers cannot resist its unique flavour and while eating it alone is already satisfying; it is also perfect with seafood, red meat and poultry dishes and specialties.

sourdough bread recipe
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Without a doubt, the best sourdough bread recipe originates from San Francisco, California which is known for sourdough bread all over the world. To this day, bakeries in San Francisco still make use of their very own yeast cultures and make the bread with a French-style method in baking.

Of course, due to the popularity of sourdough bread, pre-packaged loaves are already available in almost any grocery store and bakery. But still, nothing beats the original sourdough bread recipe from San Francisco. If the place is just not accessible to you and buying authentic sourdough bread is not possible on a daily basis, you will find that the experience of tasting it while itís warm and fresh from the oven is truly priceless when you make your own sourdough bread at home. Think itís impossible? It sure isnít with this tried and tested sourdough bread recipe.

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